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Kindergarten program

Kindergarten program

Kindergarten is the first step in a child’s formal education which focuses on the interests and unique educational needs of young children.  It lays the foundations for future learning and develops a child’s vital skills and knowledge in Key Learning Areas:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Geography
  • Science and Technology
  • Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (PDHPE)
  • Creative and Practical Arts

The Kindergarten Program develops a child’s skills in speaking, listening and interacting in meaningful and socially appropriate ways.  Classroom activities are engaging and are designed to encourage hands on and active learning.  At Adelong Public School we are committed to a safe, supportive and nurturing learning environment that is responsive to every child’s learning needs.

The Kindergarten teacher’s role is to:

  • Create a positive learning environment for the students
  • Cater for individual differences
  • Nurture the child’s development
  • Identify the stage of physical, emotional, social, intellectual and language development of each child
  • Work from the child’s prior learning experiences and plan teaching and learning experiences which will develop the child’s knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Prepare the child for the future
  • Inform parents/caregivers about their child’s progress.

Kindergarten assessment

‘Best Start’ is a state-wide Kindergarten assessment that helps teachers identify the literacy and numeracy skills of each student in the first week of beginning kindergarten.  The assessment will include aspects of writing, reading, comprehension, speaking, phonemic awareness, understanding print concepts, counting skills, arithmetic strategies and pattern recognition.  It is designed to provide teachers with information about each child’s abilities so they can plan effective teaching and learning programs during the first year at school.  It will also provide you with feedback about how you can support your child during their first year at school.

Handy hints for Kinder parents

  • Children are very tired in their first weeks of school.  Be prepared for irritability or tears.  Some children don’t like to talk about school.  Don’t pressure them.  Simple direct questions get more results than very open questions.
  • Although a child should be fully toilet trained before commencing school, the new routine may cause the occasional accident.  A spare pair of pants put into the school bag is a good precaution.
  • In the weeks before they come to school a visit to the public toilet can help them adjust to the school toilet situation.
  • Make sure that your child’s immunisation program is up to date.  A certificate is required by the school.
  • Make sure that your child knows what to eat at recess and what to eat at lunch.  If they have a canteen order make sure they know about it.
  • Label everything your child owns with a waterproof pen or sew on labels.
  • Discourage children taking toys to school.  They can easily get lost or broken.
  • It’s really helpful if your child knows how to tie shoelaces and can dress themselves.
  • If you are unsure about something, please contact the school.  We are happy to help in any way.

What your child needs

  • School bag – the backpack style is the best for posture
  • Lunch box and plastic drink bottle
  • Library bag – drawstring bag big enough for large books.  Library Vinyl Bags are available from the office at a cost of $10.00 (GST inclusive)
  • Home Reader bag – similar to library bag
  • Paint shirt – one of dad’s old shirts or if you can sew, a smock with elastic in the sleeves and the neck
  • Handkerchief or tissues
  • Change of clothes for those accidents