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Change of routine

There will be occasions when your child’s daily routine will be varied. For example, they have to travel on a different bus or be collected from school by someone other than yourself. To prevent unnecessary worry, a written message to the class teacher is needed explaining the details. A verbal message conveyed by a young child can often become distorted or forgotten.

Emergency contacts

At times it will be necessary for the school to contact parents. If you cannot be contacted, the school also needs the name and telephone number of a reliable person, e.g., relation, neighbour or baby sitter who can act on your behalf. It is most important that you advise the person involved that they are the emergency contact. It is also preferable that the emergency contact lives in Adelong or the Adelong district.

Money collection

Occasionally it will be necessary for your child to bring money to school, other than for canteen (e.g., excursions, performances). On all such occasions the money should be placed in the school envelope (which will be sent home), with your child’s name, class, amount enclosed and the purpose, clearly marked on the front. All envelopes should be handed in at the school office.